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If you are not an artist - no problem! Just email over your high resolution photos and/or design elements and we will put it all together customized to fit your snowboard. Make sure to include the design fee when ordering. If you are an artist and want to create your own snowboard design with your graphics below are the file specs: We accept all Photoshop and Illustrator files . Make sure all fonts are converted to paths and saved in cmyk mode. Note: Printed colors may not match exactly to your monitor.


Make your artwork to fit your specific snowboard and make sure you give yourself at least 1" bleed all the way around. The standard sizes we use is 14" x 65" for Adult and 14" x 55" for Child Sized snowboard wrap. 

For your convenience we have a generic adult sized templates to download in psd, eps (vector), and jpg.

Do not send in a snowboard shape or cut out your template with binding holes. These are printed in a rectangle shape that will be custom contour cut after you apply to your board. We will not print any registered logos without complete permission from the owner(s). If you are sending a Photoshop file make sure you flatten your layers and save at 150 - 300 dpi at full resolution. Call us at 586-239-8389 or email us at info@laportegraphics with any questions regarding your art set up.


If you send your artwork (print ready), design fees are not necessary. If you send your artwork and we have to manipulate it in any way, you will be charged a design fee.

Design Your Own Snowboard Wrap!

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