Materials & Tools Needed before installing YourBoardWrap

•Denatured or rubbing alcohol mixed with water. You will need equal parts of water and alcohol. 50/50

•Blow Dryer

•A Squeegee (Provided with YourBoardWrap Purchase)

•Window Cleaner

•Single edge razor blade (An exacto blade is easier to use if you have one.)

•2" masking tape (for hinge)

Preparing Your Board

Pull off any stickers with the heat of a blow dryer if needed.

Remove glue with the 50/50 alcohol and water mixture.

The goal is to have your entire board squeeky clean with no oils or residues.

Clean the board with Windex then your 50/50 Alcohol and water mixture again.



1. Hold your graphic over the top of the board to place your graphic for position.

2. Tape across center (hinge).

3. Lift up left side hold vinyl in hand, then pull off the paper to the tape hinge. Cut the paper so you have the vinyl in your hand. Squeegee from the center out to the end of the board.

4. Repeat step 3 for second side of board.Edges should look like this after trimming:

5. Use a single edge razor or exacto blade to trim around the board. Just ride the top edge of the board as a guide. Use caution not to slice into board edge. Try to ensure that there are no overhangs left as this could lead to edge peel.

6. Apply hair dryer on hot to entire surface and edges of YourBoardWrap until if feels warm to the touch. Apply pressure again. If your board has chips make sure the edge is cut at the chips. If not snow or water can get underneath. REMEMBER — NO OVERHANGS.

7. Feel for the binding holes, make a single slice and re-install your bindings. IMPORTANT!!! When trimming, trim inside edge as to not leave any over hanging edges. The snow can catch on and tear the boardwrap.

Snowboard Wrap Install Edge

Download PDF Instructions Here.


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